Monday, September 17, 2012

Julie Roberts Strips Things Down Acoustically For New Naked Series

Beautiful Julie Roberts is certainly going to turn a few heads as she's announcing that she's going to be putting out Naked music over the next little while. While most folks brains might head straight for the red light district side of thinking, Roberts just means that she's going to be self-releasing some new music done acoustically. From the artist herself:
For a long time now, I’ve been contemplating the concept of having a series of musical releases called “Naked.”  I’m so excited to tell you that I am beginning this series today!
So what is the “Naked” series?
If you’ve been to any of my live shows, you know that I enjoy sitting on a stool and singing with one instrument whether that be an acoustic guitar, a piano, or any instrument for that matter.
I decided to take that intimate arrangement into the studio and record stripped down or “naked” versions of some of my favorite songs for you.  I feel like this simple production approach allows you to hear every emotion I’m feeling when I’m singing. Each song is just my voice paired with minimal instrumentation. In other words,  I am naked.  
I plan to release songs on the “Naked” series as often as I possibly can for you.  I hope you enjoy this series and come back for more.
The first release came out today and is titled "I've Been Looking For Somebody." It is written by Julie Roberts, Chris Roberts (of One Flew South and Summerlin Road) and Greg Bieck. Says Roberts on the song:
"“I’ve Been Looking For Somebody” is my first release in the “Naked” series. The day I wrote this song I was channeling the music I listened to when I was a little girl and specifically,  Patsy Cline. I wanted to write a song that I might hear on one of Patsy’s records. In this recording, we used just a Wurlitzer and my voice.  This is a fun song that makes me smile and one that I’ve wanted to record for a long time. I thought this series would be a perfect place for it. I hope y’all love it!"

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