Friday, November 9, 2012

Hear It Here- Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton Duet- "Just a Fool"

Christina Aguilera just unveiled a brand new duet with Blake Shelton called "Just a Fool" off of her new album Lotus

Aguilera said of The Voice co-star Shelton during an album preview event, “He’s just a rock star. He’s great. He’s so playful and so fun, and down-to-earth. He’s got a great heart, which… I guess you see on the show. He busted his a– to make the time and God knows where he was. I got the e-mail after he heard [the vocals], because I was the first person to put my vocal down. He was like, ‘I had to put a clothespin on my nutsack just to hit some of these notes. Why did you make it so high?’ But that’s good ole Blake, what’s why I love him.”

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