Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Darryl Worley Releases Country Christmas EP

With the unveiling of his Country Christmas EP this week, Darryl Worley has released his first ever Christmas album. Country Christmas is a 6-track download, with a bonus feature of Darryl reading the “Christmas Story”. The album consists of five holiday classics as well as one brand new original song called "Just Around the Corner."

“I never dreamed that making Christmas music would be this much fun. This project has forced me to slow down and think about the real meaning of Christmas,” stated Worley. “Reading the ‘Christmas Story’ was a very surreal occasion. It was as if no one was there and it was just God and I spending time together.

This album is very near and dear to Darryl’s heart; not just for his many fans, but for his wife and daughter.

“I couldn’t stop thinking of my beautiful wife and daughter during the recording sessions. It’s that time of year when you realize how wonderful the people are around you and how much you love them,” stated Worley. "I wanted the album's soul to match what we all enjoy about Christmas. I’m very proud of this album and excited for my fans to hear it!” concluded Darryl Worley.

The album purchase includes a membership to Worley's fan club at his website.

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