Friday, March 1, 2013

Jason Eady Unveils Daylight and the Dark

Around these That Nashville Sound parts, we're not normally letting artists themselves pitch fundraising efforts for new albums. But when the artist is Jason Eady, whose last two albums ranked among the best of their class on each respective release, we make exceptions. Eady is currently planning the release of his next album, Daylight and the Dark, in October 2013 (ish) and has a Kickstarter fundraising effort HERE to raise the funds for the project. Any donation or contribution gets you the album. Here's what Jason has to say about the project:

In 2011, I raised funds through fan support to make what would go on the be the album "AM Country Heaven". This type of support was unbelievably helpful because it gave me confidence in the fact that people were looking forward to the kind of project I was creating and it gave me the creative freedom to make exactly the record that I wanted to make without having to give in to any other interests. I recorded that album with the idea that I wanted to make a traditional country album that still sounded fresh. Hopefully we succeeded. The response to that album was more than I could have ever hoped for and I can't help but believe that a huge part of that response was based on the fact that I was able to make a record WITH all of you.  Now it's time to go back into the studio and do it again! 
I want to take that same spirit into the studio this time and make the follow-up to that album. I have 12 brand new songs to record that all follow that same traditional country theme while hopefully growing and evolving in my songwriting. The title of the album is also the title of a new song called "Daylight and Dark" that I wrote with my friend Jamie Wilson. 
That title also sums up the overriding theme of the songs on this album, which is reconciling the two sides of life (light and dark, good and evil, day and night, temptation and will, etc). I have chosen to record 10 songs that I either wrote or co-wrote and 2 songs that I didn't write but that I have fallen in love with over the last year and hope that you will love as much as I do.
I am once again making this record with my good friend and legendary songwriter Kevin Welch as producer. We have put together an incredible line-up of musicians to play including John Gardner (Don Williams, Ricky Skaggs, Dixie Chicks), Glen Worff (Alan Jackson, John Anderson), Fats Kaplin (Hayes Carll, Jack White), Richard Bennett (George Jones, Marty Stuart, Steve Earle), and Lloyd Green (George Jones, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings).I am honored to have the opportunity to play with such an amazing line up. 
One of the rewards packages that I would like to explain further is the $400 package that includes admission to a special VIP thank you party that will take place in Fort Worth in August 2013. This party will be a full night of music with me and my band, along with many of my songwriting friends who helped me write the songs on this album. The package includes admission for 2, hotel rooms and dinner, and is going to be a full and fun night of music that I can't wait to share with you.
The money that I am raising through this campaign will cover all of the costs of making the album, including recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production. This will allow us to get this album completed without cutting any corners and still get it out to all of you as quickly as possible. 
To give you a preview of the album, I hope that you'll take the time to listen to this acoustic home demo of the title track, "Daylight and Dark".

I couldn't be more excited to get back in the studio, which we will do immediately following these fundraising efforts. I look forward to making this record with all of you once again.
Thank You!

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