Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hilary Williams Extends The Williams Music Legacy With New EP

Her grandfather is Hank Williams. Her father is the legendary Hank Jr. Brother Hank III has two albums coming out this year and her sister Holly just released her critically-acclaimed third album this past month. Now it's Hilary Williams turn as she releases a brand new self-titled EP this week.

The story of Hilary Williams’ life is extraordinary in every sense of the word. Born into one of music’s most revered families as the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. and the granddaughter of Hank Williams, Hilary inherited the family’s songwriting and singing gifts in spades. In fact, her father says, “She sings like a queen, like a star.” But that legacy is only part of what has come to define Hilary’s life and ultimately give her a story that is both inspiring and uniquely her own.

While driving to her grandfather’s funeral with sister Holly on March 15, 2006, Hilary lost control of her SUV on Mississippi’s historic Highway 61. The crash left both sisters in critical condition, but Hilary’s injuries would prove to be catastrophic. Hilary describes her injuries as she hovered between life and death at the scene: “I had broken too many bones to count. Both of my legs, my ankle, my back, collarbone, tailbone, pelvis, right femur, and three ribs were all broken. My hips were shattered. I had a ruptured colon and bruised lungs.”

Thanks to the work of talented EMT’s and a transfusion of an experimental blood substitute called PolyHeme at the crash site, Hilary survived the crash and air transfer to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis. She would spend the next month at that facility before being transferred to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville.

Over the course of her recovery, Hilary went through 23 surgeries — an experience that tested Hilary’s resolve to its limit. Dealing with such a profound injury is a long, drawn out and excruciatingly painful ordeal that takes years, not months. Though her family and friends rallied around her throughout this process, there were extremely long bouts of solitude during the healing process. Hilary gives gripping insight into the physical and mental rigors she endured during the seemingly endless parade of surgeries and rehabilitation.

In the wake of her accident, Hilary carries on the “family tradition” writing songs and pursuing her own music career. The recent book she penned called Sign of Life closes with the story of Hilary’s return to the concert stage in Nashville. It only seems appropriate that the single "Sign of Life" is just the first step of Hilary Williams’ journey as she carves out her own place in her family’s storied legacy.

EP Track Listing:

1. Get Out of My Way
2. Casino
3. World Without Hope
4. West Hollywood Monday Mornings
5. Sign of Life

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