Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marc Broussard Readies Live Album For 4/9 Release

Marc Broussard crosses music genre lines seamlessly, but it's his soulful delivery and take on music that makes him stand out in a crowded field. He is releasing a brand new live album called Live from Full Sail University on 4/9.

Marc Broussard is an artist with a unique gift of channeling the spirits of classic R&B, alt-country, rock and soul into contemporary terms. This gift has been a matter of common knowledge since 2002, when Broussard released his debut album, Momentary Setback, which he recorded and released independently at age 20.

Says Broussard, "Finally, after all this time, I'm releasing a live album! It's a great concert that comes with some old favorites, like Lonely Night In Georgia, and some new stuff that I really hope you will enjoy."

Track Listing:

1. Paradis
2. Au Long De La Riviere
3. Mardi Gras
4. Home
5. Lonely Night In Georgia
6. The Wanderer
7. A Life Worth Living
8. Come In From The Cold
9. Let Me Leave
10. Beauty of Who You Are
11. Hope For Me Yet
12. Dyin' Man
13. Sonya's Song
14. Shine

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