Monday, June 10, 2013

Julie Roberts Signed To Sun Records- Will Release Good Wine and Bad Decisions In September

Somehow it only seems appropriate to mention Julie Roberts and Johnny Cash in the same breath. For a woman whose passion lies in celebrating and perpetuating the classic country sound of her hero, Patsy Cline, it makes sense now why the "Break Down Here" and "Men and Mascara" songstress would be the first new artist to sign to Sun Records in 27 years. Roberts will release her fifth album on the legendary record label in September and it will be titled Good Wine and Bad Decisions. Preorders are already being taken HERE.
Says Julie, "I have just signed on to be the first artist in 27 years to release new music on the legendary Sun Records Label. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! Again, I have to keep pinching myself here!! Yes, this is the label of the great artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and so many others!!!! 
Y’all, I’ve always trusted God’s timing and His plan for my life and now I AM BACK! I’m back, and SUN RECORDS IS BACK!! Together, we are creating some new music that I believe with all of my heart and soul you will love! This magical plan that God has for my life is way better than anything I could have dreamed up for myself!! It’s going to be AMAZING!"
The Sun Sound began when Sam Phillips launched his record company in February of 1952. He named it Sun Records as a sign of his perpetual optimism: a new day and a new beginning. Sam rented a small space at 706 Union Avenue for his own all-purpose studio. The label was launched amid a growing number of independent labels. In a short while Sun gained the reputation throughout Memphis as a label that treated local artists with respect and honesty. Sam provided a non-critical, spontaneous environment that invited creativity and vision.

Then in 1954 Sam found Elvis Presley, an artist who could perform with the excitement, unpredictability and energy of a blues artist but could reach across regional, musical and racial barriers.

He helped form the beginnings of the Sun Sound by infusing Country music with R&B. Elvis’s bright star attracted even more ground-breaking talent to the Sun galaxy. Listed among his contemporaries and lab mates were Johnny Cash, the inimitable Jerry Lee Lewis, and the “Rockin’ Guitar Man”, Carl Perkins. These four soon became known as the Million Dollar Quartet. Right behind them came Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Bill Justis, Harold Jenkins (a.k.a. Conway Twitty) and other equally memorable musical talents. All eventually sold on Pop, R&B and Country charts and grew to international fame.

The history and appreciation of what this label means to country music is not lost on Roberts, "This is going to be so much fun!!! Thank you again for being part of this with me!! I am so excited and feel very blessed that I can share another one of my dreams coming true with all of you!"

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