Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vince Gill And Steel Guitarist Paul Franklin Announce New Collaborative Tribute Album Together

MCA Recording and 20 Grammy Award-winning artist Vince Gill and famed steel guitarist, Paul Franklin, announced the upcoming release of Bakersfield on July 30 via MCA Nashville. Gill and Franklin pay tribute to the “Bakersfield” sound by performing songs from two of Bakersfield’s sons; Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

Gill and Franklin share the producing duties on the ten song set that makes up Bakersfield. Bakersfield was tracked in two days at Gill’s home studio, backed by a stellar band made up of John Hobbs, piano; Greg Morrow, drums; Willie Weeks and Brad Albin, bass; J. T. Corenflos, electric rhythm guitar; and Time Jumpers Kenny Sears, Larry Franklin,Joe Spivey, fiddles and Dawn Sears on harmony vocals.  Gill played all the acoustic and electric guitar fills and solos.

“This is just as much a guitar record for me as it is a singing record,” Gill says, “But it was fun for me to sing a whole record of the greatest songs ever. I guess what I’m real proud of is that when it’s one of Buck’s songs, I sing it very much in that vein. And the Haggard songs are very much in the vein he sang.  With Buck’s songs, you won’t find much vibrato in my vocals, and with Merle’s, it will come down to a low note and that quiver.”

“This may be Vince’s greatest project,” Franklin declares.  “What a showcase!  I’ve heard him sing for 30 years, but he sings licks on this record I never heard before.”

Merle Haggard who writes the albums liner notes says “Vince and Paul offer a great new touch on a great old sound. It was great, certainly to hear my music done with the great touch of Vince and Paul.  I feel highly complimented.  But it was especially great to hear what they did with Bucks stuff.  Some may not notice, but I for one knew how great Buck really was, first as a musician, then as an artist.”

The iconic singer/songwriter adds, “I can only give the entire project a big ole double, thumbs up!  Well done guys, the West Coast takes a bow.”

Full track listing:

Title                                                     Made Famous By

1.  Foolin’ Around                                Buck Owens (Written by Harlan Howard and Buck Owens)

2.  Branded Man                                  Merle Haggard (Written by Merle Haggard)

3.  Together Again                                Buck Owens (Written by Buck Owens)

4.  The Bottle Let Me Down                 Merle Haggard (Written by Merle Haggard)

5.  He Don’t Deserve You Anymore     Buck Owens (Written by Arty Lange and Buck Owens)

6.  I Can’t Be Myself                            Merle Haggard (Written by Merle Haggard)

7.  Nobody’s Fool But Yours               Buck Owens (Written by Buck Owens)

8.  Holding Things Together                  Merle Haggard (Written by Bob Trotten and Merle Haggard)

9.  But I Do                                          Buck Owens (Written by Tommy Collins)

10. The Fightin’ Side Of Me                 Merle Haggard (Written by Merle Haggard)

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  1. is this album available to buy (england), it looks superb !