Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hear It Here- "American Window" By Sugarland's Kristian Bush

This song is best set-up in Kristian's own words:

"At home in Atlanta, I do my best as a dad to try and brainwash and program my children on key words or phrases that hopefully they can memorize and refer back to in life when they get older. At least once a week, I walk into the kitchen and announce, "Perfect is..." and in chorus they respond, "boring!!!" It is my small attempt to combat the overwhelming obsession with being perfect in our society -- and it is a phrase I am going to use here to begin explaining how I feel about our country.

Our country is not perfect -- it is better than that.

America is alive and breathing. It has a heartbeat and muscles, arteries and veins. It is growing. It gets sick sometimes. It has good days and bad days, winning streaks and losing streaks. It looks back at the good old days when it was younger. It dreams of what it might become when it gets older. It works hard every day.

It makes mistakes, tries to fix them. It goes into the dark woods alone and comes back out. It is a hero. It is a good guy and a bad guy. It loves with everything it's got. It is alive solely because people needed somewhere to go to be free.

I can say that our country is truly amazing -- and never boring."

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