Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ronnie Dunn Announces Second Solo Album To Hit In November

After some disagreements with his last music label over how his first solo album was promoted, Ronnie Dunn has announced that he will be releasing his second solo album independently. Dunn took to his Facebook page to inform his followers that he has a second solo project in the works, containing 20 songs, that is slated for release in November. The album will include the first single, “Kiss You There,” that has already impacted SiriusXM’s The Highway, and will be released on Dunn’s newly formed indie label, LITTLE WILL-E Records.

“It is testing through the roof and selling on iTunes at an average of 5,000 per week and climbing,” Dunn excitedly wrote to his fans about the new single. “The next step is to move into mainstream radio. That is a very complicated and COSTLY endeavor. I know that some of you are traditional country music lovers. I am too. I realize that some of you are progressive country music fans. I am too. Mainstream radio is driven by ’30 year old and younger artists’ … no problem. I get it but there is room for ‘FREAKS LIKE ME’ I have consulted with several of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers in the business and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has agreed to support THE CAUSE. Many have gone out of their way to help facilitate the cause.

“MOST IMPORTANTLY,” Dunn continued to write, “remember…. that what you hear on mainstream radio does NOT dictate the full flavor of a multi song cd!!!! Songs are chosen for mainstream radio in the effort to meet specific criteria……IF RADIO DOESN’T PLAY YA, YA DON’T GET HEARD. Even the Rolling Stones and Willie complied,” adding, “Radio is not a bad place!!!! I NEVER RECORD SONGS THAT I DON’T LIKE. We know from the siriusxm / THE HIGHWAY feedback, that KISS YOU THERE is a HIT!!!”

Dunn also talked in length of LITTLE WILL-E Records, explaining the staff is full of “very unique” and “innovative thinkers” who think “out of the box.” ”I think you are going to like what you see and hear,” said Dunn. “We are going to make music available to you in different and unique ways. Our goal is to create a MUSIC CULTURE, guided by a lifestyle philosophy. There are no rules. This is going to be a journey. YOU ARE ALL CRITICAL AND KEY PLAYERS. WE ARE NOT SO MUCH ABOUT THE WHAT AS WE ARE ABOUT THE WHY!!!! Together WE can!!”

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