Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steve Wariner To Release It Ain't All Bad In September

Steve Wariner announced that he will release It Ain’t All Bad, his first non-instrumental album in more than eight years on Sept.10. Wariner produced the album and wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs.
Says Steve on his website, "The album is comprised of 12 new songs (not instrumental) but DO have lots of guitar work as you might imagine..some B-bender guitar which hasn't been featured on my records for a little while. My son Ryan played some beautiful 3 part slide on one tune! The first song on the album is a fun one I wrote with Allen Shamblin called "It Ain't All Bad". That will be the new title..maybe not great grammar, but hey..the word "ain't" IS in the dictionary! I think it is some of best work ever! So exited to play it for you!"
Wariner has won four GRAMMY Awards, four CMA Awards, and one ACM Award, among other awards. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and has been inducted into the Music City Walkway of Stars, the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, and the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame.

Wariner has placed 14 songs at No. 1 on the country charts: “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” (which won both the CMA Single and Song of the Year Awards and the ACM Song of the Year Award), “Tips of My Fingers,” “The Weekend,” “Life’s Highway,” “I Got Dreams,” “The Domino Theory,” “Some Fools Never Learn,” “You Can Dream of Me,” “Small Town Girl,” “Lynda,” “Where Did I Go Wrong,” “All Roads Lead to You,”  “I Should Be with You,” and “What If I Said” (Duet with Anita Cochran). Wariner is also well-known for such hits as “Two Teardrops,” “I’m Already Taken,” “Kansas City Lights,” “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers,” “Leave Him Out of This,” “Burnin’ the Road House Down,” “Hold On (A Little Longer),” and more.

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