Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ty Herndon Goes To Kickstarter To Fund First Album In Seven Years

After a career in which Ty Herndon has charted a total of 17 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts including three number ones — "What Mattered Most," "Living in a Moment" and "It Must Be Love" — and four additional Top Ten hits: "I Want My Goodbye Back," "Loved Too Much," "A Man Holding On (To a Woman Letting Go)" and "Hands of a Working Man," Herndon is back to wanting to build on that legacy. He has gone to the web fan-funding site Kickstarter to request help funding what would be his first country album in seven years called Lies I've Told Myself.
Says Herndon, "I am trying to complete the recording, manufacturing and distribution of my first Country music album in over 7 years and I need your help to do it.  With any album there is so much that goes in to it.  First, there is writing and picking the songs.  Then recording them, then mix and master.  Then you need to print them and distribute them. There are marketing costs, video costs, etc all that go into getting the album to the public.  I need help covering these costs and am asking you to help me finish the album and get it out - all the while having really cool unique experiences along the way!  
We have already picked the songs and started working on them as you can see in the video.  Some of them I co-wrote and others where just such standouts I had to record them.  Here are the song titles - we are really excited and think you will love this collection:
1. Beautiful Love Song
2. Sugar
3. I Can't
4. Lies I Told Myself * (The Title Track!!)
5. Even When She's Gone
6. Slow Moving Memory
7. I Am The Man
8. Whatever This Day Wants To Give Us
9. I'm In Love With You
10. Love Wins
Those interested in participating financially in the new album can go HERE to see the various levels of participation levels.

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