Friday, August 16, 2013

Hear It Here- Sara Evans Upcoming New Single "Slow Me Down"

Sara Evans will be releasing a brand new single to radio shortly and we've got a live performance of the new song as a preview below.

Says Evans, "Slow Me Down is really phenomenal. I didn't write it. Marv Green did. I've probably listened to it a hundred times - every single time it gives me chills. We have been performing it in concert. I'm almost finished with the new album out late fall or early winter in the U.S. I'm very excited about this album. I was super lucky to find some great songs. I've also written some of the songs."

"Slow Me Down is one of the songs that no-one denies. There's not one person who hasn't flipped out over it. It's a song about a girl trying to get her man's attention. She's sort of threatening to leave. I don't want to give the hook away. The first time you hear it the hook line really gets you. It's not a ballad, more a tempo song."

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  1. best from Sara in a long time. kudos to writer Marv Green.