Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mary Chapin Carpenter Sings For The 78 Project

In August of last year, Mary Chapin Carpenter recorded a special rendition of "The Water Is Wide" for The 78 Project as part of their documentary journey across America.

The 78 Project pairs musicians with the recording technology of the early 20th century. With just one microphone, an authentic 1930's Presto direct-to-acetate disk recorder, and one blank lacquer disc, musicians are given a single take to cut a record anywhere they choose.

The 78 Project is a documentary and recording journey inspired by Alan Lomax. The project brings the spirit of his work into the present as we pair breakthrough musicians with the songs and the fascinating recording technology of the past.  What we have found is that the film, music and feelings that result defy space and time, living music inspired by ghosts.

The 78 Project visited MCC at the 2012 Philadelphia Folk Festival where they captured this performance. To listen to this unique acetate record, visit The 78 Project's website below:

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