Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hal Ketchum Back In Studio Recording New Project For 2014

Following Father Time, his last project for Curb Records, Hal Ketchum has been eerily quiet, electing to only play shows around Texas and not appearing as a regular member at the Grand Ole Opry. Rumors were going around that his health might not be doing well. Rest assured, Ketchum says that he's doing just fine and that he's been in the recording studio putting together a new project that should see the light of day in the coming year. From a post on his website:
Hello out there dear friends. This is Uncle Hal checking in. I know it's been awhile....I do apologize. Been busy cleaning out the cobwebs. Still a couple up there that are too high to reach but I guess we all have a few. Well, let's see.....what have I been up to? Lots of writing, playing some shows now and then.....and I'm finishing up a record that I am making with Kenny Grimes. We have cut eight songs and will cut number nine today. I think I will leave it at that for now, nine being my lucky number and all. It feels good to be back in the know how I love the sound of my own voice, ha!  : - )  I promise to reach out to you all more often. You have always been there for me. I know some of you have been concerned about my health. Rest assured that I am feeling great these days and look forward to many more years of playing, singing, writing. and performing. Thanks for all of the love and support. It makes an old man feel good to have friends like you. We will talk again soon.....
Peace and Love,

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  1. Still my favorite male country music artist. I have all his albums except "One More Midnight" which was only released in the UK, 6 1/2 years ago. Wish he would release it on i-Tunes. Some of his best songs, like "Daddy's Oldsmobile", "I Miss My Mary" and "She's Still in Dallas", were not released as singles.