Friday, October 4, 2013

Joey+Rory To Release Made to Last On 10/8

The gracious married duo of Joey+Rory has wowed critics and fans alike over their four critically acclaimed studio albums. Next week, on October 8th, the duo will release Made to Last on their self-run label, Farmhouse Recordings. Several of the new songs have appeared already on their TV program, "The Joey+Rory Show."

“This album is the most personal project we’ve ever worked on,” said Feek. “With this record, we had the freedom to record anything we wanted. We chose these songs solely because we loved them and wanted to sing them. I know the fans will be able to feel that intimacy when they listen to these tracks."

“I think it took us a while to really understand the importance of the music we were making,” Feek says. “I believe the key to our success has been to not measure it by normal standards. If we’re being ourselves and being authentic with our music and our approach to making it… then that’s success for us."

Covers on the album include Towns Van Zant's "If I Needed You," George Jones' "50,000 Names" and Alan Jackson's "To Do What I Do," an outstanding song written by the duo's late close friend Tim Johnson.

Joey + Rory Made To Last Tracklist (Songwriters):

1. If I Needed You (Townes Van Zant)
2. Good Truck (Rory Feek/Zac Brown/Coy Bowles/Nic Cowan)
3. Just A Cup Of Coffee (Stephanie Davis)
4. 50,000 Names (Jamie O'Hara)
5. Dreamer (Rory Feek/Joey Martin/Danny Potter)
6. I Love You Song (Rory Feek)
7. Now That She's Gone (Rory Feek/Morgane Hayes)
8. I'll Sing For You (Rory Feek/Tony Martin)
9. Made To Last  (Austin Cunningham/Allen Shamblin)
10. In A Cowboy's Dreams (Rory Feek/Joey Martin/Jenny Yates)
11. Enough (Rory Feek)
12. To Do What I Do (Tim Johnson)

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