Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hear It Here- Mary Chapin Carpenter's Orchestra-Backed "Come On Come On"

Mary Chapin Carpenter fans will have heard most all of the songs that will be on her Jan 14 release of Songs From the Movie, but never like this. The new project finds the veteran singer and songwriter reinterpreting 10 selections from her catalog with backing from an orchestra conducted by six-time Grammy winner Vince Mendoza.

“This is a song about romantic love in all its guises, from euphoric first love that promises to give you the world to the kind that breaks you open with its loss,” Carpenter says. “Its props are the moon, deserted city streets, old photographs, the offering of an open hand, the urgent whisper of recognition and connection. The title, that repeats as the chorus, is the voice we hear in our heads and hearts, daring us to go toward it, to feel all of it no matter what, to accept that this is what life is about — the unknown beckons.”

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