Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Oak Ridge Boys Live Album Coming Out In Feb 2014 Called Boys Night Out

Oak Ridge Boys' Jon Bonsall unveiled in a blog post on his website this last week that the quartet will be releasing a new live album in February 2014 entitled Boys Night Out.
"We have recorded some relevant music over the last few years, including a top notch live recording that will release in February of 2014—yes, 2014, who would have thunk it!—called THE OAK RIDGE BOYS: BOYS NIGHT OUT"
The guys have been recording together for four decades together and Bonsall goes on to say:
"I joined this group in October of 1973. I was 25 years old. It is now October of 2013, and I am 65. Although we are celebrating 40 years of singing together all year this year, it is only now technically correct.
Richard Sterban joined the Oaks in 1972. Duane Allen in 1966. And William Lee Golden in 1965. All of this is quite amazing to me and, if we were to decide to end it all right now, music history buffs would have to shake their collective heads at what we have accomplished over the past four decades. It is quite the résumé for certain, and we continue to put stones on the mountain every single day."

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