Friday, February 21, 2014

New Album Releases Announced From Bryan, McGraw, Stillwell and Simpson

Another day, another four short and sweet album announcements. Earlier this week, we highlighted eight new album projects that will be released later this year. As CRS winds down in Nashville, four more release dates have been unveiled.

Luke Bryan - Spring Break 6- Like We Ain't Ever - 3/11
Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music - 5/13
Tim McGraw - TBD - 5/6
Matt Stillwell - Right on Time - 3/11

Bryan's, up first, probably is the most commercially visible. “The songs for this project came together so fast,” Bryan explains. “These special EP’s all began as a way to get new music out to the fans between studio projects. I feel like year after year we get a little bit better at writing for this. I think with these new songs I would be proud to put them on any album we release.”

But the critical darling of the bunch is easily Simpson. His album release last year was a top five favorite across almost every country blog in the country and his throwback production is keeping the Jennings' honkytonk sound alive. "Myriad worldly offerings—religion, drugs, and more—all claim to be the omnipotent universal truth, but in my experience, love is the only certainty. That is what this record is about,” Simpson told

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