Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lee Ann Womack Unveils New Album Planned For September

Sugar Hill Records/Welk Music has signed Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Lee Ann Womack and the artist has announced that she will release a new single this summer and an album in September.

“I was looking for the right home for this record,” Womack says. “I knew I wanted a label where passion for music and artistic integrity drive the decision-making. Beyond the incredible work Sugar Hill has done with Nickel Creek, Sarah Jarosz and Bryan Sutton, they have a broader way of looking at where music can go and why it matters – and for this very personal record, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

"If there's one thing about this record that really stands out," says Womack, "it’s that all the songs come from writers who are artists. Every song was written for the writer to sing, and as someone who loves and listens to music, it's a very different reality to cut songs that were written with intention from an artist's perspective, to try and invest in what they've lived so eloquently."

“I have always loved country music with my entire being,” says Womack. “I think the gift of a genre that’s built on real life is that there is always room for great songs, and the truth. When we started this record, Frank and I promised each other we would only cut songs that we absolutely loved for no reason other than we loved them very much. No other factors, and I think that freedom really inspired us.”

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