Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jamie Lynn Spears Announces EP Release Date of 5/27

Jamie Lynn Spears' country music career is about to begin it's journey. Under the hashtag #JLSTheJourney, the former Nickelodeon star-turned-country singer has announced her first country EP, titled The Journey, will be released on May 27.

It includes her current country radio single, “How Could I Want More,” along with four other tracks — the first of which is provocatively titled “Shotgun Wedding.”

Spears also revealed the EP’s cover art, a simple white piece where she’s got natural make up, heavy brows and ash blonde hair sitting on top of a pretty strong pout. The 23-year-old’s path to country stardom began a few years ago, when she moved to Nashville and began collaborating with multiple local producers. “How Could I Want More” came as a single in November 2013, receiving moderate country radio airplay.

Track Listing:
1. ‘Shotgun Wedding’
2. ‘Run’
3. ‘How Could I Want More’
4. ‘Mandolin Summer Sun’
5. ‘Big Bad World’


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