Monday, June 9, 2014

New Album Projects Announced From Shooter Jennings, American Young, Marty Stuart, Doyle Lawson and Stoney LaRue

Several critically-acclaimed artists announced new upcoming projects recently including Shooter Jennings, American Young, Marty Stuart, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Stoney LaRue. Here's the lowdown on what you can expect from each one:

Shooter Jennings - Don't Wait Up (for George) (8/5 release date)- Said Shooter to CMT's Chris Parton, "I don’t do tributes and I don’t do covers very often and all that. So, for me, this was really thanking George (Jones) for his support all these years and being inspired by him to do these works. I didn’t know if I was going to just record the two songs or do more, I just went into it fooling around in the Coil [Jennings' studio in Los Angeles]. After several months of work, Don’t Wait Up (for George) emerged. I’m really proud of it, though."

American Young - Self Titled EP (6/24 release date)- Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson may seem familiar to you. They’ve both been in Nashville and have explored their options in country music before. Jon as a solo act, then a successful producer and songwriter (“Me and My Gang,” “A Woman Like You”) and Kristy as a founding member and sizzling fiddle player of the duo Bomshel. Here on their debut together on this Curb Records release. “American Young represents a sound with no boundaries. We are squarely focused on delivering our own brand of music and hope that folks will find our songs everything from haunting to dramatic and intense”, says Jon.

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver - Open Carefully Message Inside (7/15 release date)- One of the top mandolin players in bluegrass music since the early days of his career in the 1960s, Doyle Lawson incorporated traditional gospel quartet singing into his music after forming his own band, Quicksilver, and honed his unique bluegrass-gospel sound to a remarkable intensity. Lawson has also become the one of bluegrass music's resident sages and icons.

Marty Stuart - Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (9/30 release date)- This one will be a double album. The Saturday Night – Rough Around the Edges disc will feature rowdy bar room songs, while the Sunday Morning – Cathedral disc will include gospel-themed songs one may hear while sitting in a church pew. “A few years ago, I rededicated myself to traditional country music,” he told “We spent some time in RCA Studios in Nashville, where so much of modern country was created, and we worked to imitate that style of production and songwriting.”

Stoney LaRue - Aviator (October release date)- After the critically-stunning That Nashville Sound-favorite Velvet, LaRue returns with a new collection of songs in October. As he told Brandy McDonnell for The Oklahoman, "With ‘Velvet,’ it was more of kind of like establishing a direction. You know, kind of setting down a post and saying ‘this is my path’ type of thing, and I think this is just an extension of that, just getting a little further down it. It has a lot of similarities. Songwriting is honing a craft. I think ultimately you want the next thing you do to be better — or at least different in a better way.”


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