Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ricky Skaggs And Wife Sharon White To Release Duets Album On 9/30

In an interview with Cindy Watts for The Tennessean, Ricky Skaggs and his wife Sharon White announced that they will be releasing an album of country music duets called Hearts Like Ours on Sept 30. 
“My future is to keep making music and to be creative,” said Skaggs, who will play Ryman Auditorium Thursday night. “I feel like God created us to be creative. That’s just who we are as people. We shouldn’t be copies. We ought to be originals.”
"I feel like we’re making great music still,” Skaggs said. “We’re inspired. We’re encouraged. We’re excited about life. We’re excited about music. We’ve been married (almost) 33 years; there’s just a lot for us to celebrate right now.”
He said the couple enjoyed the process of working on the album together, including choosing songs and collaborating on arrangements.
“It’s just really good stuff, and Sharon is just singing so good,” he said. “I really hear her heart in the music, and mine’s certainly there.”
Skaggs noted that the duets project was country music instead of bluegrass and said that he even picked his electric guitar back up for the album, like he used to do “back in the day.”

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