Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Acoustic Live Performance Video From Former Eden's Edge Singer Hannah Blaylock - "Don't Want You To Go"

Since leaving Eden's Edge, Hannah Blaylock has been pursing a solo career and been busy songwriting with some of the best names across Nashville as she prepares for a new album down the road. Yesterday, she posted this video of one of the new songs she's been working on. She has this to say about the track, "Both of my grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles, cousins and many other family members and friends of mine have given their service in the military. I am so thankful and lucky to be living in a country where I get to chase my dreams and do what I love for a living. I am in awe of the commitment, sacrifice and bravery it takes to be a soldier. Not only for the soldier, but for their families and especially their spouse. The women and men that hold down the fort here at home while their spouses are gone, for sometimes years at a time, are the strongest people I have ever met. I had the pleasure of writing this song with Jon Stone and Billy Montana. Its one of my favorite songs I have ever written. I hope you enjoy."

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