Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Second Southern Gospel Revival EP Project Forthcoming Soon

A second Southern Gospel Revival EP project featuring Courtney Patton, Drew Kennedy, Jamie Lin Wilson (of the Trishas), and Ben Hester will be released by Modern Trade in the coming weeks. It follows up the first project in April of 2012 that was a fascinating take on some of the United States' earliest roots music. A teaser for the new project is in video form below. Below is a description of the project from the publisher's perspective:

Think back to the time when there was no A/C, work was manual and people would come from miles around to be part of a "revival" on a hot Sunday afternoon. Men, women and children would pile into a hot wooden hall and listen to music that would set their soul on fire. It was simple, honest and it would give many musicians a solid foundation to make it big in other types of music.
As homage to that, we took four great musicians, some old Southern Gospel and made our own Revival that is both traditional yet a litte reworked. All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart.
Schneider Dancehall was built in the early 1930's just outside of Columbus, TX and was an active music venue until it was shut down when the Schneider brothers left to serve in World War II. In the decades that followed it was used for small functions, but mostly served as barn for hay and cotton as it weathered in the hot Texas sun. In 2010 the family renovated it (keeping the original wood in place) and is now open again for private parties.


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  1. Great news! The songs back in their 2012 project were simply amazing. Can't wait to see what they do. They should be a group. Awesome sound!