Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hear It Here- Garth Brooks' "People Loving People"

After recently announcing his upcoming tour and new double-album, Garth Brooks unveiled his brand new single "People Loving People" this morning. In the similar spirit/message songs of "We Shall Be Free" and "Standing Outside the Fire," Brooks invites the world to make it a better place. Listen to it below:


  1. Garth Brooks is supposed to save country music and his new single “People Loving People” is god-awful arena rock with lyrics that preach about how we should be living. What a disappointment this single is, a complete, abject disappointment. Here I built up hope that this guy would save country music and he’s out playing Bon Jovi Jr. again, as if he’s back in high school in the 1980′s. If this “We Shall Be Free” arena rock crap is what we’re getting from Garth on his next album then he can stay retired and never come back as far as I am concerned.

    To think, I had real, legitimate hope that we’d get the “Two of a Kind”, “Much Too Young” or “Wild Horses Garth! Ha! I should have known we’d get the haughty, preachy, sappy, Bono wanabe, butt-rock Garth. Hey Garth, country radio doesn’t need another butt-rock song, it needs a country song. Release one or stay the Effffff home with Trisha and the kids.

  2. better message than most of today's country songs about hotties in painted on jeans and driving your truck while drunk? yes I believe so I believe so.