Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kid Rock To Release First Kiss on Feb. 24

Kid Rock posted the album art and track-listing for his upcoming 2/24/15 release, First Kiss.  The album supposedly swing more to a more roots-oriented sound with The Band of Heathens as the band behind him on much of the album.

Ed Jurdi of the Austin-based “Band of Heathens” spoke about working with Kid Rock saying:
"Kid Rock was a fan of the band, and we ended up connecting with him last year. He’s invited us to play on his Kid Rock cruise the last couple of years and then asked us to open a few of his shows. We just generally had a good time hanging out and jamming on old tunes together. So then he gave us a call and asked us if we’d come up to his studio outside Detroit and do some recording. So the whole band went up there for a week and we made some music and generally had a great time, just hanging out as friends. He enjoyed our aesthetic and wanted to capture it for the songs he was working on."

First Kiss Track-listing:
First Kiss
Good Times, Cheap Wine
Johnny Cash
Ain't Enough Whiskey
Drinking Beer With Dad
Good Time Lookin' for Me
Best of Me
One More Song
Jesus and Bocephus
Explicit Bonus Track: 10. FOAD
Clean Bonus Track: 10. Say Goodbye

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