Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heathy Wade Hayes To Release Go Live Your Life on March 12

Wade Hayes
Go Live Your Life
Release Date: March 12
(Pledge Music - Indie)

Says Hayes, "My new album, Go Live Your Life, is almost finished, and it’s no exaggeration to say that this is the most important album I’ve ever made. It’s been five years since my last album, and during that time, I’ve lived through a lot of fear, a lot of hope, a lot of healing--and a lot of meaning. I wrote nine of the ten songs on this album during my battle with colon cancer. The writing process was truly therapeutic for me, and I can’t wait to share these songs with you."

The son of a professional country music musician, Hayes grew up around music. By age 11, he was a phenomenally talented mandolin player and guitarist, and unlike most hopeful artists who go to Nashville dreaming of a major record deal and radio hits, Hayes dreamed of the life of a studio and road musician after seeing Ricky Skaggs perform live. Picking the strings has always been his first love.

But his original Nashville goals were all set aside when he signed a deal with Columbia Records in late 1994. Over the next handful of years, few artists could match the success that Hayes was creating across the radio airwaves. Songs like 1994’s “Old Enough To Know Better,” “Don’t Stop,” “What I Meant To Say,” and “On A Good Night,” are just some of the 14 charted singles he’s released. In 1995, he was nominated for Top New Male Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music.
But after his most recent solo album (Highways & Heartaches) was released in 2000 on Monument records, Hayes spent the next few years dabbling in a band called McHayes with Alan Jackson’s fiddler Mark McClurg, and recorded an unreleased album for Universal South Records. Afterwards, he returned to Oklahoma–and wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

Then a funny thing happened. In 2008–17 years after he came to Nashville looking to become a musician–he rejoined the Nashville ranks by taking a job as the lead guitarist in former Alabama lead singer’s Randy Owen’s band. “It’s really the perfect job for me,” said Hayes at the time. With the musical spark alive with the perfect gig the last two years, Hayes decided it was time to record some of the songs he had written since his last album and released his fifth album (A Place To Turn Around) independently in July 2009.

But his world was shook when in in December 2011, Hayes was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, which was successfully operated on that same month. The last tumors were removed in March 2012. To say it turned his life upside down and shook his faith is an understatement. Healthy again, Hayes has been inspired to begin writing again and is doing a PledgeMusic crowd-sourcing campaign to help fund this newest project that you can contribute to HERE.  

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