Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Music Video From Emily Hearn- "Volcano"

That Nashville Sound discovered Emily Hearn back in December of 2013 in our Up & Coming New Nashville Series.  About her EP Promises, she said, “It talks about the ups and downs of life- what it feels like to have a crush, and (sadly) what it feels like to be strung along waiting for someone to feel the same way, the big fights that change everything, the falling in love and getting married, and what you need to hear from a friend on those rough days. These songs are from my heart, but I think you might find that you’ve felt the same way. My hope is that you just might find the anthem for your current season of life, or that you might be able to take the night off and come to one of my shows and realize I’m singing about the same thing you felt yesterday. To me, music really does have a world of its own, and a lot of times people connect there even if it’s for different reasons. I’d love for you to come join in on my world where feelings sound like songs, and I hope you feel at home.”

Look for Hearn's new album, Hourglass, on March 10.

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