Friday, March 13, 2015

K.T. Oslin to Release Simply On June 2

Grammy, CMA and ACM award winning artist/singer/songwriter K.T. Oslin has signed with Red River Entertainment and is slated to release her first album in 15 years, entitled Simply, on June 2.

“We started out putting together a little band to do some personal appearances. That was my object to spread the music out to maybe some people that didn’t hear it at the time before and I got along with
Jimmy Nichols so well, my keyboard player, co-producer, arranger and poof maker and everything, and we decided why not make a record because we changed everything. I said some of these records, when I hear people that come to see me live and the music seems to become more clear to them than the records we did, that we just didn’t capture it on the record. We just didn’t get it, we just didn’t. I thought they were too good to lay and fallow and just wilt away and so we came up with new arrangements, new ideas and very sparse playing. Just play the notes that are really key, nothing else and that’s what we did. I’m very proud of this little record. It’s a small little record, not meant to be bombastic. It’s meant to be pleasurable and I think it’s an easy record to listen to and I’m happy when people like it,” Oslin stated.

The album features new arrangements of many of Oslin's former hits, including "80s Ladies," "Younger Men," "Hold Me," and more. Additionally, the first song Oslin has written in 20 years, "Do You Think About Me," is included on the album. For additional information, visit

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