Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Emily West Releases "Bitter"- Preps New Album All For You For August Release

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Emily West unveiled her first single, "Bitter," off of her upcoming album that will come out in August called All For You.
"I love hearing beautiful melodies telling me horrible things. It's my first attempt to write a roll-your-windows-down kind of song," she says. "I write more kind of vaudeville stuff for my live shows and this song is a little bit more uptempo and radio-friendly. The title is very bitter, but it's bittersweet when you think back to it, because everything works out. It's an empowering song."
West's album, which was originally funded by a PledgeMusic campaign, subsequently was signed to the Sony Masterworks label. When asked about where the album will go from a genre perspective, she answered:
"When people can't pinpoint someone it makes them uncomfortable," she explains. "The curse with me has always been, 'Where does she belong? Is she a pop writer? Is she a Broadway star? Is she a country star?' It's frustrating because I feel like I'm so many things. This record captures every personality as an artist that I am. It's so freeing to have something out in the world that is very different and that still fits. They all somehow morph into the same person. I have a lot of originals on there that I'm really proud of, along with the [America's Got Talent] cover songs that we've done."
All For You Track Listing:

1. Chandelier
2. Bitter
3. Nights in White Satin
4. Sea of Love
5. Without You
6. Battles
7. Glorianna
8. You Got It
9. True Colors
10. Fallen

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