Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lindi Ortega Readies Faded Gloryville for August Release

Artist: Lindi Ortega
Title: Faded Gloryville
Label: Last Gang Records
Release date: 8/7/15

 "Faded Gloryville isn't just about music," Lindi Ortega says about her new album coming out August 7, 2015. "It's about anything that brings you down, whether it's dreams not coming true or relationships not working out, and its message is this: you can go to place where you're feeling really down about things, but it's what you do afterwards — do you decide to reside there forever, or do you leave and make the situation better — that matters. You have to travel through Faded Gloryville to get to Paradise."

"It's about how much faith you need to put into whatever you're doing, and how hard it is to keep that faith," Ortega says of her follow-up to her award-winning 2013 album Tin Star. "Everyone starts off in this business with huge dreams. Years later, after being signed to a major label, then getting dropped, then getting signed to an indie label, I realized that the dreams I had at the beginning were a bit naive. Metaphorically, Faded Gloryville is a state of mind where you've gone from being so excited about something to so tired, and you realize it's not quite what you thought it was gonna be. You realize just how much you have to sacrifice to make those dreams work, and you need to reassess what you're doing. Do you stop there, or do you move on?"
Faded Gloryville track listing:

1. "Ashes"
2. "Faded Gloryville"
3. "Tell It Like It Is"
4. "Someday Soon"
5. "To Love Somebody"
6. "When You Ain’t Home"
7. "Run-down Neighborhood"
8. "I Ain’t The Girl"
9. "Run Amuck"
10. "Half Moon"

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