Monday, June 29, 2015

John Berry Kickstarts New Album Project With A November-ish Release Date

John Berry is headed back into the studio to record a full album of (roughly) ten new songs on a project he'd like to release in November of this year- and he's looking to his fans to help be a part of it ahead of time.

Berry has gone to Kickstarter to help fund the new project, in which he announces:
"Wow! It has been a great year! Robin and I were given the chance to move to Nashville last summer and it has been awesome! I have been renewed musically and taken advantage of every opportunity I could to submerse myself into the songwriting world. I cannot recall spending this much time writing since I last wrote Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye in 1995. I have truly enjoyed this resurgence of creativity.
In the next few months I will be recording a brand new CD and want to give you the opportunity to play a major role in making this project successful. My last recording was funded through Kickstarter and now I'm back 4 years later using it again. Kickstarter is a great tool designed to help independent artist like me, fund creative projects by involving family, friends and fans in the process.
My new recording project will be a two disc set. Disc one will contain great songs that I have found from incredibly gifted songwriters here in Nashville, and songs I have co-written with friends. Disc two will be five songs of Christmas/inspirational music that I have created my own arrangements to. These are songs I love to sing and can't wait to incorporate into this years Christmas Tour.
A budget and goal for the project has been thoughtfully created. In regards to the goal, the Kickstarter policy is "all or nothing." If 100% of the target amount is not met, then I do not receive any funds and the project will not be funded. Pledged amounts on your credit card / debit card will only be charged when the campaign is over and the funding goal of $50,000 in 40 days has been met. I have faith the goal will be met!
I have surrounded myself with an incredible team of people. Brent Mason, world renowned guitarist, will be collaborating on this project with me. We have met and begun pre-production on arrangements and instrumentation. We have also put together a band of some of the greatest players ever! I can't wait for you to hear it! It's the heart and soul of who I am and what I am called to do."

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