Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donna Ulisse To Release Hard Cry Moon On Sept 25

Artist: Donna Ulisse
Album: Hard Cry Moon
Label: Hadley Music Group
Release date: Sept 25, 2015

Second chances don’t often make themselves available in the crazy thing they call a music industry. For Donna Ulisse (pronounced "you-liss-ee"), it looked like there might not be one. 

Like so many other aspiring country music artists, Ulisse followed her dream to Nashville where she first found work as a back-up and session singer, working with the likes of Jerry Reed. She finally got the attention of record executives and in 1991, Atlantic Records released the album Trouble at the Door. The album had three singles released off it, along with a music video. None of the singles cracked the Top 50 and Atlantic cut ties shortly thereafter.  

For many artists, that would be the end of the story. Somewhere along the way, however,  Ulisse fell in love and got married to a gentleman named Rick Stanley. The same Stanley moniker made so famous by bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley. And because Rick and Ralph Stanley are cousins, Ulisse became immersed in a generational family legacy and musical genre she would come to love. 

Throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, her songwriting would take on a more and more bluegrass feel. By 2007, her publisher decided that this collection of songs being written needed a release on its own. Keith Sewell was brought in and When I Look Back was released to critical acclaim. Five additional albums have been released since and Ulisse has become a key artist in the bluegrass field.

He next album on the Hadley Music Group label will be out on September 25 and will be titled Hard Cry Moon. The first single off of the album is a track called "It Could Have Been the Mandolin" in which Donna has developed a cute spoof news report to tease the new track.

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