Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brandy Clark Readies Big Day In a Small Town For April 1 Release

Artist: Brandy Clark
Album: Big Day In A Small Town
Label: Warner/Slate Creek
Release date: April 1, 2016

Brandy Clark set the critical world on fire in country music with the 2013 release of her debut album, 12 Stories. That album was ranked as the very best from this very site that year and we described it by saying, "She writes realistic snapshots from the underbelly of real life in this fantastic collection of tales of cheating, smoking, jail-time- all with a wit that bites the listener and won't let go.  She's aware of the flaws of both herself and her community and celebrates them both in a way that gives both a depth rarely heard from an artist- especially one relatively new to country music."

And now, two years later, she’s gearing up for her second act: telling one big story about one tiny place.
“The new album is called Big Day In a Small Town,” Clark said recently over the phone from Nashville. “And the idea is that everything happens in this one small town. My producer, Jay Joyce, and I — we wanted to weave in some spoken-word stuff, so there’s a narrative that goes through it.”
Big Day isn’t due out until April, but Clark says she’s currently playing as many as eight of the album’s songs in concert, and that they seem to be going over quite well with fans. Back in 2013, she imagined those fans as “the moms that are driving their girls to see Taylor Swift,” but has since discovered that her stories are connecting with more listeners — dudes, kiddos — than first expected. Of course, Clark speaks about it with a blend of humility and confidence that comes with being one of the greats: “It shocks me and it doesn’t.”
Clark says the album will include songs she performed (at the Farmborough Festival this summer). All have the potential to be her next single, which will be released in August. Some of those single contenders include “Big Day In a Small Town,” “Broke,” “You Can Come Over” and “Soap Opera.”
"I wanted to do a record tha tall of the songs could take place in the same town," she says. "It is similar to 12 Stories in that it is about real people, and the songs are about real things. It is different in that it is sonically a little different. The songs are rough around the edges in parts. I am real proud of it."


  1. "You Can Come Over" was recorded by Craig Campbell but not a single. I heard Brandy sing it at a show 2 years ago and it was great.

  2. The first single will be "Girl Next Door" and is being released to radio on February 15th.