Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shooter Jennings Schedules New Album Release For February 2016

Artist: Shooter Jennings
Album: Countach (for Giorgio)
Label: BCR Media
Release date: Feb. 26, 2016

Shooter Jennings returns with his 7th studio LP with songs composed or inspired by production pioneer Giorgio Moroder titled, Countach.  From Shooter: "Oh, and I’d like to also announce that my new album ‘Countach (for Giorgio)’ has a release date! It will be released officially, worldwide on March 11th, 2016, and features Steve Young, Brandi Carlile, Richard Garriott & Marilyn Manson, among others! 2016 is gonna rule hard folks!"

Countach (for Giorgio), pays tribute to Giorgio Moroder, the “Godfather of Disco” most recently known for contributing a monologue (“Giorgio by Moroder) to Daft Punk’s Grammy-winning Random Access Memories.

“I decided to try and use the instrumentation that Giorgio introduced into culture, especially the DX7 keyboard and the LinnDrum drum machine, which are also Prince’s favorites. So I used those for most of George (Don't Wait Up (For George) EP was released August of last year) record and I used traditional country instrumentation for most of the Giorgio stuff, which probably blended it more for [listeners’] ears.”

The EP’s tracks will be covers, including the Moroder/David Bowie collaboration “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)."

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  1. is it true the donald has pre-ordered a copy?