Friday, January 1, 2016

New 1/29 Compilation Release The Essential Gretchen Petersl To Have New Music As Well

Artist: Gretchen Peters
Album: The Essential Gretchen Peters
Label: Scarlet Letter Records
Release date: Jan. 29, 2016

Scheduled for release on January 29, 2016, The Essential Gretchen Peters is a double album which includes both a retrospective of Peters' best work chosen from a 20 year recording career, and rarities never before released. Disc One of The Essential Gretchen Peters features a handpicked selection of tracks from past releases, plus brand new recordings of two of Peters' best loved songs: "On A Bus To St. Cloud", and "When You Love Someone", here performed as a duet with co-writer Bryan Adams.

Disc Two contains rare tracks, many never before released, which illuminate Peters' songwriting and recording journey since 1996. The early work tape for her song "Five Minutes"; a live, full band version of "Woman On The Wheel"; an unreleased performance of the late Ben Bullington's song "Ring Around The Moon", performed by Peters and husband/coproducer/pianist Barry Walsh; and an unreleased work tape of "Blackbirds", sung as a duet with cowriter Ben Glover are just a few of the highlights on Disc Two. Liner notes are written by esteemed rock critic and Bruce Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh.

Disc One
1. Blackbirds (Gretchen Peters/Ben Glover) - from Blackbirds, 2015
2. The Aviator's Song - from Halcyon, 2004
3. The Secret of Life - from The Secret of Life, 1996
4. If Heaven - from Halcyon, 2004
5. When All You Got Is A Hammer - from Blackbirds, 2015
6. On A Bus To St. Cloud - previously unreleased, recorded 2015
7. The Matador - from Hello Cruel World, 2012
8. Sunday Morning (Up And Down My Street) - from Burnt Toast & Offerings, 2008
9. Guadalupe (with Tom Russell) (Tom Russell) - from One To The Heart, One To The Head, 2009
10. Hello Cruel World - from Hello Cruel World, 2012
11. When You Love Someone (with Bryan Adams) (Gretchen Peters/Bryan Adams/Michael Kamen) - previously unreleased, recorded 2015
12. Five Minutes - from Hello Cruel World, 2012
13. When You Are Old - from The Secret of Life, 1996

Disc Two
1. The Way You Move Me - Nashville demo, 2008
2. Ring Around The Moon (Ben Bullington) - unreleased, 2014
3. Pretty Things (Gretchen Peters/Ben Glover) - radio edit, 2015
4. The Cruel Mother (traditional) - Blackbirds bonus track, recorded 2011
5. Woman On The Wheel - recorded live at The Rutledge, Nashville, TN, 2012
6. When You Wish Upon A Star (Leigh Harline/Ned Washington) from Bandaged Together, 2009 used by permission
7. I Saw Your Light - Gretchen Peters bonus track, 2000
8. Love (John Lennon) - from And We All Shine On, a tribute to John Lennon, 2012 used by permission
9. The Chill Of An Early Fall (Gretchen Peters/Green Daniel) demo, 2004
10. Independence Day (acoustic version) - Blackbirds bonus track, recorded 2014
11. Wild Horses (with Matraca Berg & Suzy Bogguss) (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards) Wine, Women & Song - The Sewanee Sessions, 2008
12. The Answer (Gretchen Peters/Lori McKenna) - work tape, 2011
13. Blackbirds (duet with Ben Glover) (Gretchen Peters/Ben Glover) - work tape, 2013
14. Five Minutes - work tape, 2011

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