Thursday, February 18, 2016

Acclaimed Songwriter Darrell Scott Preps Couchville Sessions For May Release

Artist: Darrell Scott
Album: Couchville Sessions
Label: Full Light Records
Release date: May 13, 2016

Couchville Sessions, the new album from venerable Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Darrell Scott will be released on May 13th via Full Light Records. Ever the unconventional artist, Scott has always forged his own path. He has penned hit songs for mainstream artists, and has had songs covered by over 70 others spanning from from Keb Mo’ to Mary Gauthier. In 2012 Scott recorded and toured as part of Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy, gaining him even more respect and admiration from a wider range of musicians in broader genres. Couchville Sessions follow's up Scott’s acclaimed 2015 album release, 10: Songs of Ben Bullington (a That Nashville Sound album of the year finalist.) 

From the press release:
Scott’s approach to making music parallels the way he also has chosen to live. Currently making his home outside of Nashville, on the Cumberland Plateau, he focuses on a sustainable lifestyle, heating with wood, utilizing solar energy and growing his food. The fourteen songs on Couchville Sessions are a natural and inevitable product of this pure and unapologetic approach to making music and living life.  
The material on the album is comprised of mostly Darrell Scott originals, mixed with a few carefully chosen nods to “the masters” including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Townes Van Zandt. Scott tackles profound issues - demise of relationships in “Time To Go Away”, mortality “It’s Another Day To Live And Die” and depression in “Another Grey Morning” (James Taylor), but delivers them in such a way that there’s a sense and light and comfort in this collection. 
The musicians gathered together for this recording are a hand-picked group of virtuosos including acclaimed English musician Danny Thompson on bass, percussionist Kenny Malone, steel guitar wiz Dan Dunmore, and Bill Payne (Little Feat/The Doobie Brothers) on piano and organ. Special guest appearances include vocals by Peter Rowan, John Cowan, and a rare narration by Guy Clark. The result is a collection of stunning and fearlessly played tracks, mostly recorded live, which offer the perfect backdrop for Scott’s mesmerizing vocals.
The way in which Darrell Scott lives and creates, his love and respect for “the masters”, and the unapologetic way he in which he approaches life across the board are just some of his beautiful and unique qualities. Couchville Sessions captures that spirit.

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  1. I believe that the press release should refer to steel guitar maestro Dan Dugmore, not Dunmore. Doesn't anybody proofread anymore?