Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Clay Davidson Returns To Music With New Duo, Damn Davidsons

Most of you either know Clay Davidson or recognize his music. He has had several singles in the top end of the country charts including 'Unconditional', 'I Can't Lie to Me' and 'Sometimes'.  'Unconditional' went all the way up to number three. He has shared the stage with countless artists and has played at the Grand Ole Opry stage numerous times.
What most don't know is the near-tragic accident that derailed his career after his successful first album for Virgin Nashville in April of 2000.
"Our dream and the town’s hopes for us ended after only 2 short years. While leaving Nashville going to Effingham, Illinois during the summer of 2001, our tour bus driver fell asleep. We were sleeping in our bunks along with 'Clay’s' (then) wife and his (then) 12 year old step-son, and 6 others. We woke to the sound of the rumble strip as the bus ran off the interstate, into the median, hit a drainage culvert head on, the bus was airborne for a 45 foot distance before doing a nosedive. The bus was then still, stuck in the ground on its nose. No one was killed but several were injured requiring medical attention, multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. Nearly an entire year of shows were missed due to the accident. Time off in the music business is not normally a good thing. After healing, a few shows were done but things were never as they were and we soon found ourselves back home with feelings of failure to follow."
Now a decade and a half later after playing in some smaller bands in and around his home area of Virginia and West Virginia, he's combined forces with his brother Arnold (who played drums for Clay during his major label days) on a new duo called Damn Davidsons and they're planning on a new album in August.
"We have played music our entire lives, be it local or across the United States touring for our (then) record label. We still have such a huge fan base and couldn't be more honored. People are constantly e-mailing and calling expressing their desire to see a show, hear more music and just have ‘Davidson’ available again. We are ready to listen to our fans and give them what they want. Not all fans can make it to local shows but still desire our music. So after 13 years home and persistent pushing from fans demanding answers, we have the answer.  We are teaming up and putting out new music on a brand new album!  We hope things go well so that we may tour a bit and see some of you and maybe you'll even hear us on the radio. We have lots of money to get together before we can even hit the studio but we are working on it!"
For those that would like to help the funding, you may do so at https://www.gofundme.com/mnxt2nzn and consider a donation.
"We are fine tuning some things and hoping to hit the studio in August 2016.  This project means so much to us.  Music is in our blood, heart and soul and we carry our daddy, who we lost in October, with every note we play and and every word we sing.  He taught us and encouraged us so many times, so many years.  This is a project we want to do in honor of him."


  1. here's hoping they can get some radio airplay and show Blake Shelton/Luke Bryan how it's done!

  2. I have been playing Unconditional cd over and over and ovvvvvvvvvver today!! EVERY single song is FABULOUS!!! looked up to see what youre up to and so very sorry to hear about the accident and derailment of so much of your life -- I am very much looking forward to having you have music back on the open market! Hope you end up back on tour - I don't understand why somebody ANYBODY in country music would not put you on tour with them!!! You are what country music needs NOW!!!

  3. ^ indeed he is, unfortunately, from what I've heard, this whole "Damn Davidsons" thing he was doing is a no-go. I don't understand it. I was looking forward to it, and am severely disappointed. I hear that he & his brother are continuing their solo music careers, so hopefully another album will be available somewhere down the line. I certainly hope so, country music is in desperate need of help right now, and Clay Davidson just might be the cure!

  4. loved your brother's song McComb,MS about skynyrd crash in my hometowm.

  5. I LOVE clay's ENTIRE album (unconditional), eveey last song is awesome! I would love to hear more! Wish you would come to Baton Rouge louisiana!!