Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Marc Cohn Celebrates 25 Years Of Music With New Project Filled With Old Songs

Artist: Marc Cohn
Album: Careful What You Dream: Lost Songs And Rarities
Label: Marc Cohn
Release date: March 25, 2016

The self-titled album from Marc Cohn that resulted in (at least) two significant achievements is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and the singer-songwriter isn’t letting the occasion go by without some well-deserved fanfare. Cohn begins his 25th Anniversary Tour next week in his long-ago adopted city of New York that will continue into April.

In addition, the singer is releasing a collection called Careful What You Dream: Lost Songs And Rarities, as a digital download beginning March 25. Concert attendees can also exclusively purchase it on CD at the venue.

Earlier this year, when contemplating the significance of the upcoming anniversary, Marc and his longtime co-producer and engineer Ben Wisch dug through the vaults looking for old demos, specifically the original demo of “Walking in Memphis.” While they did indeed find that, they also found 13 other songs that had been long forgotten. These demos and early recordings capture a time in Marc’s life when almost everything about his career was still undefined.

Careful What You Dream: Lost Songs And Rarities contains 13 tracks plus a bonus disc called Evolution of a Record which includes four early demos of “Walking in Memphis” as well as fan favorite “True Companion.” The album begins with “Maestro” and that instantly familiar Cohn piano. “Cohn Heads” will love it.

Check out the album preview and the new/old song, “Nowhere Fast.” That’s the voice of the 30-ish Marc Cohn and not the latter day 56-year-old. The track listing is below the music preview below.

1. Maestro
2. Nowhere Fast
3. From the Faraway Nearby
4. Chilly Wind
5. The Color of Monday
6. The Good in Everyone
7. Hold on for Me
8. Be Here Now
9. No Love Lost
10. Street of Windows
11. Silent Movie
12. Careful What You Dream
13. Nowhere Fast (with Strings)

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