Thursday, March 3, 2016

Martina McBride To Release Reckless On 4/29

Artist: Martina McBride
Album: Reckless
Label: Nash Icon
Release date: April 29, 2016

Martina McBride announced that she will be releasing her 13th album and first on her new music label Nash Icon on April 29. The album and first single is entitled Reckless.

Penned by Zach Crowell, Heather Morgan and Sarah Buxton, the song is a soaring ballad directed at the person who helps scoop you up from the edge of darkness. The message is one that could easily be referenced as a worship song, a quality that has been found in many of McBride’s recent cuts.

“It’s such a special song to me,” McBride shared through a post on her Facebook page. “My hope is that you hear it and think of someone who has taken a chance on you and reached out to love you through a hard or dark time. Someone who pulled you from the edge as the song says. Sometimes life finds us in a vulnerable place. Thank God for the ones who love us recklessly and unconditionally.”

“My main mindset was to find great songs,” McBride says of selecting songs for the upcoming album. “I know that sounds cliché, but really… I always go into a record not having any hard and fast rules. I knew I wanted it to sound kind of rootsy and organic, though the first single is kind of not that. I tried, all through the record, to keep it a certain sound. And then I found ‘Reckless’ and it didn’t sound like anything else on the record. John [McBride] reminded me that [McBride’s 1997 album] Evolution had tons of sounds on it. It wasn’t just one thing. So it reminds me of that record in a way, just in that there are some things that are more country-leaning than I’ve done in the past, or more like ‘Blessed,’ with a pop-country sound. Doing this record, it feels like something that is familiar, that my fans will listen to and go, ‘Oh, that sounds like her.’ This isn’t veering off from that at all. It’s going to be like comfort food.”

“What I think are the best song choices might not be the best song choices to somebody else,” says McBride. “I think that’s what makes an artist, because you are drawn to certain things. When I hear a song as an artist, it’s nothing but instinct. I hear a song and I really love what it says, I think it’s written really smart, and it has a good melody. When you listen to as many songs as we do for a record, the ones that are really great stand out. One will come along that stands above the rest.”

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