Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ashton Shepherd Stays Traditional With Out Of My Pocket

Artist: Ashton Shepherd
Album: Out Of My Pocket
Label: Pickin' Shed Records
Release date: April 2016

Ashton Shepherd is independently releasing a brand new album entitled Out of My Pocket. Currently available as a pre-order through her website and a brand new phone app, it will be released as a digital download and physical copy in the coming weeks.

Her distinctive sound comes from her family farm in the tiny hamlet of Leroy, Alabama. More specifically, it comes from a backyard cabin called The Pickin' Shed. That's where this young wife and mother crafts her extraordinarily insightful country songs.

Unlike many country singers, who leave their small towns to create a new life under Nashville's bright lights, Ashton has chosen to remain in her home state among the people whom she has always known, continuing to write songs about everyday experiences in a simple yet powerful way.

Track listing:
1. Glass and Nails
2. Can't Tell You No
3. I Just Need A Minute
4. I Don't Miss You More Than I Like Being Single
5. With Us Tellin The Truth
6. This Rainy Sunday
7. Take It Back Real Slow
8. I Don't Know Why
9. Baby Doll
10. Come Here To Me
11. Don't Wake Me Up
12. It's You

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