Friday, April 1, 2016

Elizabeth Cook Crowdfunds For New Exodus of Venus Project Out This Summer

Artist: Elizabeth Cook
Album: Exodus of Venus
Label: 31 Tigers
Release date: Summer 2016

Elizabeth Cook went to her different social medias and announced that she has a brand new album that's been finished called Exodus of Venus and has begun a crowd-funding project on PledgeMusic to help raise money to help finish and promote the project. Information on the project can be found HERE.

Cook made her debut on the Grand Ole Opry on March 17, 2000 and has since released five albums — including Welder, which ranked 23 on Rolling Stone's list of the 30 Best Albums of 2010. Cook calls herself the"the daughter of a hillbilly singer married to a moonshiner who played his upright bass while in a prison band." Cook also hosts the morning radio show "Elizabeth Cook's Apron Strings" on the Sirius XM radio station Outlaw Country on Channel 60.

On the new project, Cook says,
"I’ve made a new album called Exodus Of Venus. It’s been 5 years since I put out my last record and I’m hoping you’ll join my team to get this record out in June. I’ve got 12 new original songs dealing with everything from drug abuse to scandalous love affairs. These past few years have been challenging. There’s been death, divorce and rehab. I deal with it all on this record."

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