Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Music Video From Emily West - "Made For the Radio"

After being rung through the ringer by Capitol Records Nashville earlier this decade, it would make sense that Miss West would feel like giving the big music labels the finger for not allowing her to follow her muse and sing the music she felt compelled to release. So she set to music one of the most profound statement songs of the 2014, describing the “vacant black hole hearts” of the label heads that are “f***ing the next star.” The magic of the song isn’t that it’s just a call-out of those she felt did her wrong. It’s a statement that she’s found a new career compass and following it down her own yellow brick road (which just happens to be the name of her own label she’s releasing music on.) It’s passionately compelling and personal songwriting at its very best. She received Karmatically-charged justice in finishing second in America’s Got Talent just over a year ago and earned a new record deal with Sony in the process. This track was That Nashville Sound's number one song of 2014 and it's just now getting its own music video.

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