Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hear It Here- Maren Morris Eloquently Speaks For Many Of Us With "Dear Hate"

Maren Morris has hit the country scene in a major way over the last few months with her debut single "My Church" racing up towards the top of the charts and her second single "80's Mercedes" quickly following its path. Her most haunting and introspective song released to date isn't found on her debut album, however. Following the senseless shootings in Dallas night before last and the social unrest that has plagued the country in the weeks prior to that, Morris released a demo she had written and recorded entitled "Dear Hate." It's beautiful. It says what many of us feel and only wish we could say in a way nearly so eloquently. Hopefully, this gets legs and becomes the right song for the right time. Heaven knows, we need more people to believe its sentiment.

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