Monday, August 22, 2016

Ronnie Dunn Preps Tattooed Heart For Late October Release

Artist: Ronnie Dunn
Album: Tattooed Heart
Label: Big Machine Records
Release date: October 21

Ronnie Dunn has brought in a couple of familiar faces on his upcoming Big Machine Records release, Tattooed Heart. With Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts on board as the producer for most of the tracks, the project features guest vocals by friends Kix Brooks and Reba McEntire.

“I had a lot of fun making this album. Jay and I really clicked in the studio and we were both really proud of the final product,” said Dunn. “I branched out of my comfort zone while writing and listening to a ton of music. At the suggestion of my daughter, I even recorded an Ariana Grande song. Ironically, it became the title of the album.”

The lead single from the album, “Damn Drunk,” was released just over two weeks ago. It features vocals from his longtime Brooks & Dunn partner Brooks and was written by Liz Hengber, Alex Kline and Ben Stennis. “This is one of those tunes that I immediately gravitated to,” Dunn said at the time of the release. “I listened to hundreds of songs while writing a few myself. Jay and I took it into the studio and it went to another level. Witnessing a song do that is magic. It is one of the most gratifying dynamics of music for me. Thanks to Kix, my long time compadre in crime, for joining in on the fun.”

Track List and Songwriting Credits for Tattooed Heart

1. “Ain’t No Trucks in Texas” (Tony Martin, Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher)
2. “Damn Drunk” with Kix Brooks (Liz Hengber, Alex Kline, Ben Stennis)
3. “I Worship the Woman You Walked On” (Bob DiPiero, Mitzi Dawn Jenkins, Tony Mullins)
4. “That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels” (Jim Collins, Tom Hambridge, Tony Martin)
5. “I Put That There” (Deric Ruttan, Jonathan Singleton)
6. “Young Buck” (Jaren Johnston, Jeremy Stover)
7. “I Wanna Love Like That Again” (Ronnie Dunn)
8. “Still Feels Like Mexico” featuring Reba McEntire (Tommy Lee James, Jon Randall)
9. “Tattooed Heart” (Antonio Dixon, Kenneth Edmonds, Sean Forman, Ariana Grande, Matt Squire, Leon Thomas, Khristopher Van Riddick Tynes)
10. “This Old Heart” (Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton)
12. “Only Broken Heart in San Antone” (Steve Bogard, Jeff Stevens)
13. “She Don’t Honky Tonk No More” (Ronnie Dunn, Nikki Fernandez)

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