Friday, August 26, 2016

Sylvia To Release First Album In Fourteen Years with It's All in the Family

Artist: Sylvia
Album: It's All in the Family
Label: Red Pony Records
Release date: Oct. 8, 2016

Fourteen years after her last project, 1982 ACM Female Vocalist of the Year and Grammy Award-Winning artist Sylvia is releasing her newest project in October, the first in which she is the co-writer on the majority of the songs.

The collaborations on the album – between co-producers Sylvia and John Mock, between co-writers, and between the cadre of other exceptional musicians featured on each track – truly feel organic, with distinct influences of folk, country, bluegrass, classical, and Irish music coming together naturally to produce something rooted in tradition.
From the press release: "It’s All In The Family is brimming with songs that evoke precise places, times, and emotions. Whether it’s the clawhammer banjo and old-time music influence on the opening track, “Every Time a Train Goes By,” or the Irish tin whistle and strong imagery on “Immigrant Shoes,” listeners are invited into dozens of specific, formative, and intimate moments in the lives of Sylvia and her family. But like all great stories, It’s All In The Family doesn’t feel limited to the bounds of its particular characters, images, and events. Each song touches and builds on a collection of themes that connects the listener with that which is universal."

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