Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Timothy B. Schmit Plans New Solo Album Leap of Faith For September Release

Artist: Timothy B. Schmit
Album: Leap of Faith
Label: Benowen Records
Release date: September 23, 2016

Schmit, the Hall of Fame bass player from the legendary rock groups Eagles and Poco, will release a solo album, Leap of Faith, Friday, September 23 via Benowen Records. The project was recorded at his Los Angeles studio and co-produced with engineer Hank Linderman.

On his new album he goes further up the path he began to explore on his 2009 solo album Expando. "Again, I wanted to write this album on my own." Timothy further explains,"In any collaboration one has to make a series of compromises.  That's not a bad thing, it's simply not what I've chosen to do with this project.  I'm just putting it out there, and maybe some of these ideas might resonate with listeners." 

For all their diversity, these songs are bound by a candor and craftsmanship that are rare in today's music. Schmit says: "I don't feel confined by any outside perceptions about what I do.  I just try to pull songs out of the ethers and shape them as they come, whatever the genre." 

"I hired Hank quite a few years ago to help me learn how to maneuver through my then-new demo studio. But as the studio grew I eventually chose to concentrate on my craft, so I put him in charge of the technical part, among other things. He is an excellent engineer, musician and singer."

"Over the last ten years or so, I've felt like I'm finally getting the hang what it is I do best," Schmit sums up with his knack for wry understatement. "Although this project took some time to complete, this is what I came up with... This is who I am.  This is a Leap of Faith."

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