Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Upcoming Lighthouse From David Crosby Features Marc Cohn Collaboration

Artist: David Crosby
Album: Lighthouse
Label: GroundUP Music/Verve Label Group
Release date: October 21
David Crosby announced his new album Lighthouse, out October 21st on GroundUP Music/Verve Label Group. The project promises to be "an intimate, stripped-down set that highlights Crosby’s instantly recognizable voice, incisive songwriting, and incomparable guitar work." 
“To create brand new music that I’m excited about is a pearl beyond price,” says the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.
The album opener, “Things We Do For Love,” was written for his wife of nearly 40-years Jan. “Paint You A Picture,” a cinematic tale of romantic regret co-written with Marc Cohn (“Walking In Memphis”), is filled with remorseful resignation. The longtime social activist lands his political punches as he bitingly condemns the craven politicians who send other people’s children to war on “Somebody Other Than You,” and compassionately reminds us that we are all the same on “Look In Their Eyes,” a poignant tale about immigration inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis.
 "It’s a very fruitful time. I don’t know how to explain this, but, most people my age have petered out. They don’t have a writing surge. My writing always comes in bursts, but for the last couple years, I’ve had this inexplicable surge. Probably the densest and longest surge I’ve had, which at this stage in the game is a miracle. I can’t explain why that would happen except that I’m happy. I’m a very happy guy. That may be the key to the whole deal."
“Lighthouse” tracklisting:
1. “Things We Do For Love”
2. “The Us Below”
3. “Drive Out to the Desert”
4. “Look in Their Eyes”
5. “Somebody Other Than You”
6. “The City”
7. “Paint You a Picture”
8. “What Makes It So”
9. “By the Light of Common Day”

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