Friday, September 23, 2016

The Last Bandoleros Release New Self-Titled EP This Week

Artist: The Last Bandoleros
Album: Self-Titled EP
Label: Warner Nashville
Release date: 9/23/16

The Last Bandoleros, the pop country band featuring Tejano star Emilio Navaira's sons Diego and Emilio IV, just announced the release of their debut EP. The six-track record, on Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music Nashville, is streaming now on Spotify.

The Last Bandoleros -- Jerry Fuentes, guitar and vocals; Derek James, guitar and vocals; Emilio Navaira IV, drums and vocals; and Diego Navaira, bass and vocals -- is being marketed as a country act, but the songs on their debut EP play in the shadow of The Mavericks, drawing from all kinds of different influences including Tex-Mex, country, rock and pop. 

“When we originally started we were looking for a name that had a little bit of Spanish or Mexican sort of flare … Every single word that we came up with that had a little bit of that twist to it was already taken. Finding a band name is so ridiculously difficult,” they collectively explain.
“We were like, ‘Well we’re not the first Bandoleros because there’s already one so we might as well be the Last Bandoleros.’ The Last Bandoleros is cooler in hindsight, anyway.”

Track listing:
Where Do You Go?
Get Down
I Don't Want to Know
Take Me to It

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